It was suggested to me by Clare that I do some research into Dadaism because it relates to my practice. I looked into it and found many of the principles very inspiring and relevant to the way I like to work.  The idea of leaving chance to play a large part in the forming of work is something that I always find beneficial and it is so powerful that an idea founded so long ago is so relevant still today. My interest in the teeth that were grown by my body out of my control also links into the idea of using ready-made objects which Dadaism founded or at least popularised. I find the idea of the ready-made object being of interest of course makes a lot of sense, it is funny how because of my context and the time I am alive this seems obvious to me but then it was groundbreaking. Ready-made objects hold so much symbolism, have so many connotations, are very relateable and open up great possibilty for manipulation physically and in terms of what they mean. Something that may seem less archetypal of Dadaism was a quote I found that was frequently said: “Dada is anti-Dada”. This is of interest to me now because I am exploring paradox.


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