New Statement of Intent

Amelia Whiteway

Statement of Intent

Continuation of Work Exploring the Body and it’s Uses in Performative Art

Pathway: Fine Art

Section 1

The most important lesson I think I’ve learnt since beginning the foundation course is how to work with limited resources and how this aids the creative process. I chose Fine Art partly because it had always been my intention because of it’s freedom but also partly because of how much I enjoyed the Fine Art carousel project. The brief was to work using found objects and I instantly enjoyed the way this pushed me in terms of innovation and originality – something that I had never really felt before during my study of art in different contexts (A level/GCSE).

I have finished my other plan to do a set design for the HMLTD gig but I felt that although it was enjoyable it didn’t give me enough freedom to express what I wanted to because of having to work to a brief.

During Parts 1 and 2 of the course I took this new found knowledge and worked on developing it. I found it very valuable in a number of ways but specifically in aiding me to explore using my body (a resource that is constantly available to me). My live performance piece Full Body Shave was very instrumental to my development to exploring the body but also many of the small experimental pieces that I have done throughout the year and recorded on video.

Thus my project proposal is a performative piece that I will arrive at through experimentation and record on video, as opposed to it being a live performance. I d that my work develops best naturally through experimentation rather than by planning and adhering strictly to a plan. I have recently become very interested in my baby teeth and I think those will be a starting point.

Section 2

I have recently found my baby teeth that my mum has kept since they fell out. I found them incredibly interesting as objects aesthetically and physically but also symbolically. I want to explore ideas of growth, the physical as a representation or symbol of a complex theme, ownership (the extent to which one has control over their own body) and paradoxes.

In terms of research I find it beneficial to expose myself to a variation of artists and work and for this to naturally process and affect the way I think and do without the link being too explicit. Of course when I am advised that an artist or their work links directly to mine then I will pursue research in that direction. I have recently been reading a book about infinite paradoxes and it has led me to become very interested in paradoxes. This complicated concept exists in so many aspects of human life and in human life itself and I think that the body would be best to explore such ideas.

There are problems to be encountered in using the body in the way that I do. I must examine and think about whether or not it is morally right to inflict pain or physical changes onto my body for art’s sake. I can also examine this theme through the actual completion of work that has aspects of this involved.

I cannot give a clear plan or description of what my final piece will be because I have learned over the year that that is not how I work best. I like to complete little, simple experiments or have discussions with peers and that naturally provokes ideas for me. I also very often change my idea in the process of actually executing this. The plan that I can give is that it will involve baby teeth, performance using my body and explore paradox and growth.

Section 3

The evaluative process will be very necessary to the success of this project as I know that it has been very helpful to me in previous pieces. Speaking to tutors and peers will be helpful as a pair of new eyes with more ideas as I continue to experiment with technical and thematic aspects and also as a way to have an idea of how an audience will relate to my piece and what resonates with certain individuals and why. The actual exhibition of the piece will need a lot of thought as I may want to use other aesthetic tools extend the impact of the video. So I will make sure to keep connected to college by coming in regularly. All of this evaluation will be recorded, mostly in writing, on my blog, as this is how I find it best to process my thoughts.

Project Action Plan and Timetable

Easter break, 3 weeks: Research and ordering materials in the most cost-effective way. Slow beginning of production of parts for the set.
Week 2: Finishing of SOI with amendments and continuing the production process in the warehouse.
Week 3: Working more on fine details and thinking more precisely about assembling the set on the day of the gig – 3rd May.
Week 4: Final touches, finishing production and 3rd May whole day at the venue putting everything up and together.

Week 5: Filming scenes for video.
Week 6: Filming scenes for video.
Week 7: Filming scenes for video, making sculpture and exploring exhibition.
Half term: Filming scenes for video, editing and exploring exhibition.
Week 8: Putting together the installation.


Reading on artist’s processes.
Art history and it’s effect on contemporary art (i.e. surrealism).
Symbolism surrounding teeth.
Installations that include video and other aspects – e.g. Jackie Irvine.
Contemporary artist’s exhibitions.
Tate Modern.
Golder, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.


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